Video Klip Fasilkom Unsri

Hello, guys!

Tonight, I want to share my last success project, alhamdulillah. This is my Multimedia class project and I can’t finish it without my friends help, thank you for Eris, Angga, Hafis, Andre, Bimo, etc. And especially for Mr. Yoppy Sazaky, thank you so much for your guidance.

This video tells the story about the alumni of Computer Science Faculty who remember all of his memory when he was still a student. Alright, let’s watch it! 🙂

If you like this video, kindly please give us your thumb, and help us to share this video to your friends. 🙂

Actually there’s so many things that I want to write here, in this blog. But, I kinda often lose my writing mood -_-
Thanks for visiting, please see this blog again in next chance.


Arief Rahmansyah

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