25.09.11 – I Started to Using Emoticons Again.

September 25th, it was a good day. This day began with an sms from my friend that it reminded me to participate in the SNMPTN Simulation by Medica-The Best Course I Ever Had. Yeah, Iwas invited to be motivator ang give some motivation to last years student. I got some experience from it, and I feel so happy today. I am very grateful to the medica who had invited me.

Okay, what has happened to me today inspired me to use emoticons again. I do not use emoticons again for one month and I not sure why I stopped. I just think “:D” that typed in post is fake smile. When you typed it, are you really smile? I don’t know why I can think like that. But now I realize I’m wrong.

It’s not important that when you wrote “:D” you was really smiling or not. The most important thing is when you’re type “:D”, you have true smile from your heart. Okay, let’s share your smile to the world, guys. 😀

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